District Government portal of Abbottabad


First ever district government portal of Abbottabad, KP is live now!

It is a great achievement of concerned government authorities, tech valley and hcp to develop a first of its kind DG portal which can facilitate citizens in the best possible manner. Abbottabad is shifting towards E-Governance and that is a good sign in KP. Through E-Governance, not only government processes will become efficient but also citizens will be notified of all current happenings in the city.

Abbottabad will become a pioneer district in the province to shift towards E-Governance. It will be a model for other districts of KP. Further on, this model can be replicated to other districts to initiate E-Governance which is more efficient, effective and curb corruption to a great extent.

All credit goes to Deputy Commissioner Capt (Rtd) Khalid Mehmood & Assistant Commissioner Mir Reza Ozgen Abbottabad who showed faith in HCP and Tech Valley Abbottabad and facilitated to come up with this innovative solution
We are really thankful to KP IT Board and District Government Abbottabad for their constant support in such initiatives.