TVA & HCP sign MOU with Serverless Technologies (Plan9 Incubator)


On 7th October, 2015, Mr. Umar Farooq (CEO HCP & Tech Valley) signed memorandum of understanding with Wasif Ayub (CEO Serverless Technologies). It is worth mentioning here that HCP is one of the largest IT companies in KP region focusing on IT solutions ranging from Health, Education, Governance and Commerce while Serverless Technologies is centralizing and automating all departments of a region

This MOU includes implementation of E-Governance solutions for district government. In the first phase, Abbottabad has been chosen as a model city however the model will be replicated to all districts of KP in the next phase.

This collaboration indicates the potential of provincial harmony and replicating the best practices available in any given field. In this way, Pakistan can only progress towards sustainable development and growth.